Detroit NAACP Pres. Shreds Trump

Detroit NAACP Head Absolutely Shreds Trump Over ‘Misconstrued Representation’ Of Black Voter Outreach

Donald Trump’s recent interest in African-American voters has produced a backlash condemning the politicians for his offensive and condescending comments. To make matters worse, Trump has been addressing predominantly White audiences when speaking to the Black community.

53rd Anniversary Of The March On Washington

NAACP Statement on the 53rd Anniversary of the March on Washington | Press Room

The years to follow contained both triumph and tragedy. Despite the movement’s unflinching dedication to nonviolent resistance, opponents did not hesitate to attack activists with fatal force. In the spring of 1965, the young, white Reverend Jonathan Daniels made his way down to Selma, Alabama to join the upcoming march for voting rights.

Racial Profiling

Lima NAACP wants Justice Dept. probe of local law enforcement over racial profiling allegations

The Lima Chapter of the NAACP held a news conference Friday accusing local law enforcement of racial profiling. “We are protesting the systemic oppression of law enforcement that is aimed at the minority population, especially toward African American males. Racial profiling and sentences disparities amongst minorities in the judicial system are at an all time high,” said Rev.

UPS Workers & NAACP Rally For Fair Workplace

UPS workers, NAACP rally for a better workplace, fair treatment

UPS employees drew the attention of management, union reps and passersby Monday to their call for a safe and fair working environment. “We are here today to find the truth in the light of allegations of violations in the workplace, and we stand with workers and former workers who have filed complaints and grievances to seek a just and moral resolution for change in conditions in the workforce that the workers face every day,” said the Rev.

Calls To Halt Private Charter Schools

NAACP calls for halt to privately managed charter schools. Will that hurt or help kids?

David Mitchell is founder, CEO and president of Better Outcome for Our Kids or BOOK. A new Atlanta-based nonprofit, BOOK seeks to educate the African-American community about school choice options, including traditional public schools, public charters, virtual schools, home schools and vouchers.