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Armed So-Called White Supremacist Surround NAACP

Armed white-supremacists surround Texas NAACP with ‘white lives matter’ signs and Confederate flags

The protesters said that they wanted to voice their concerns amid popularity of the black lives matter movement. They insisted that NAACP leaders and the organization denounce the movement, which they said is responsible for riots and violence in certain cities.

Black Lives Matter and NAACP Call For Charter School Halt

Why Did Black Lives Matter and the NAACP Call for an End to More Charter Schools? | Mother Jones

“It’s time to pause and take stock.” A few weeks ago, the Movement for Black Lives, the network that also includes Black Lives Matter organizers, released its first-ever policy agenda. Among the organization’s six demands and dozens of policy recommendations was a bold education-related stance: a moratorium on both charter schools and public school closures.