Jamar Clark Decision

NAACP demands Minneapolis police treat crowds with dignity after Jamar Clark decision

The Minneapolis NAACP is demanding that Minneapolis police officers treat crowds with dignity and respect in any demonstrations that may follow a decision in the Jamar Clark case. The NAACP called a Friday morning press conference to blast Thursday’s statement from Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau, stressing that the city will not tolerate violence or vandalism.

Wrongful Convictions Should Be Reviewed

NAACP: Attorney General should review wrongful convictions

Lawyers in the North Carolina attorney general’s office have met with a civil rights group calling for state investigations of wrongful convictions. Attorney General Roy Cooper’s spokeswoman Noelle Talley said Cooper wants to work with the NAACP to address problems in the criminal justice system. Talley says Cooper also wants more money for N.C.