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Black Lives Matter and NAACP Call For Charter School Halt

Why Did Black Lives Matter and the NAACP Call for an End to More Charter Schools? | Mother Jones

“It’s time to pause and take stock.” A few weeks ago, the Movement for Black Lives, the network that also includes Black Lives Matter organizers, released its first-ever policy agenda. Among the organization’s six demands and dozens of policy recommendations was a bold education-related stance: a moratorium on both charter schools and public school closures.

NAACP Sues Over Minimum Wage In Alabama

NAACP Files Lawsuit Against Alabama Over Minimum Wage Law

A prominent civil rights groups filed a lawsuit Thursday against Alabama over a law that would ban cities for enacting their own minimum wages. Republican Gov. Robert Bentley signed the law in response to Birmingham enacting a minimum wage. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) argues the law infringes on the civil rights of Birmingham workers.

Possible Protests

NAACP plans to hold sit-ins if House Bill 2 isn’t repealed

N.C. NAACP president William Barber says his group will hold a “mass sit-in” at the legislature if a controversial LGBT law isn’t repealed by April 21. Barber, whose Forward Together Moral Movement has organized numerous Moral Monday protests and acts of civil disobedience, plans to announce more details about the event at a news conference Saturday morning.